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Images of beauty


This activity is inspired by the Taktikou and Alterlumi dialogues from the philocreation approach of our community partner Brila


ObjectiveTo propel alternative representations of beauty in order to better understand this multifaceted concept!

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes


  • Your imagination
  • Sheets of paper and pencils


  1. Imagine the concept. What is the first image that comes to mind when you read or hear the word "beauty"? Close your eyes and visualize this image. If you want, you can even draw it! For each element of your imaginary creation, try to find a reason. Why do you picture beauty this way?

  2. Look at the images. Now look at each of the images below. Look at the whole picture, then look at every little detail. Which image do you think is the most beautiful? Why do you think this picture is beautiful? 

  3. Interpret the images. If we had to categorize these images, how would we organize them? Could they be sorted from most beautiful to ugliest? Is it fair to say that the opposite of beauty is ugliness? Hmm... perhaps there are different categories of beauty... If so, what would those different categories be? How could they be defined? What are the criteria that would allow you to distinguish these different categories?


Bonus: To take your thoughts even further, taking inspiration from the comic strip below, can you think of something that you think is beautiful but that a friend would find disgusting? Do you think you're wrong or does your friend not see its hidden beauty? Is it necessary to look for beauty? Can beauty be found in everything? Can beauty be learned? Why or Why not?

This comic strip is reproduced with permission from the philosophy columns of our community partner Les Débrouillards magazine. It was produced in collaboration with our team at the Institute of Philosophy, Citizenship and Youth.


Tricks for tots: After closing your eyes and visualizing the concept of beauty, open your eyes and immediately draw three things that are beautiful for you, without thinking too much about it. Admire your creations and ask yourself: "Why do you find them beautiful? Then compare them to the collage of images above.
Tips for teens: Browse the web or consult books and magazines you have at home to find other images that represent your definition of the concept of beauty. Try to test your criteria: have you chosen images that you find beautiful but that would not count according to your definition? According to you, are the images more beautiful if they meet all your criteria of beauty? Or do some criteria seem more important than others? You can also ask your friends if they agree with you!

Share your creative reflections by sending them via email.
Include photos of your projects and notes of your thoughts, as well as your first name and your age!