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Je donne


Click on the activity you want to accomplish...
The yawning symphony
... to wake up your creative and reflexive energy
In the brain of boredom
... to expand your conceptions


Monotony's neighbourhood
... to propel alternative representations

Apathy as an anti-hero (Part 1)

... to plan your creative project

Boredom: problematic or promising?

... to feed your philosophical wonderings

Apathy as an anti-hero (Part 2)

... to make your creative project
The virtue of impatience
... to envision a completely different univers

Interviewing strangeness

... to play with concepts
The ode to boringness
... to share your creative thoughts with others
Linguistic laziness
... to have an idea explosion
The comedy of the everyday
... to make your point of view shine
The boredom trails
... to reflect on your experience