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Pedagogical approaches

Illustration: Pedagogical approaches


The IPCY is pluralistic in its pedagogical approaches. To serve its mission of carving out spaces for youth to practice responsible citizenship, the IPCY is committed to contributing to the reconstruction and reorientation of youth-adult relations through educative encounters that reflect the two following principles:

  • Enabling initiatives that are youth-activated: This principle translates into pedagogical interventions that integrate the interests and needs of youth as they understand and communicate them in their current stage of life, but also involve them as active contributors in the creation and implementation of projects;

  • Fostering open and inclusive meaning-making: This principle translates into pedagogical interventions that treat perspectives as tentative, revisable and non-dogmatic, while also favouring procedures that reflect the diversity and multiplicity of the given context and community.

To honour these principles, the IPCY favours dialogic pedagogies that privilege the following three pedagogical methods:

Some examples of educational models corresponding to these methods and thus emphasized by the IPCY include: