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Call for proposals

Poster of the 2020 Ideation Conference


Ideation 2020: Creative engagement in philosophy for children (P4C)

International Conference | June 26-27-28, 2020 | Montreal, Canada

Conference theme and contexts

Proposals must connect to the conference theme of creative engagement in Philosophy for/with Children (P4wC). Examples of guiding questions include: 

What is the role of creativity in the Community of Philosophical Inquiry (CPI)? How does creative thinking intersect with and support critical thinking and caring thinking within the CPI? How might creative experiences enable, deepen and motivate CPI dialogues? Should creative agency be a goal of the CPI method? If so, what might be its manifestations (self-expression, collective art-making, activism, community projects, etc.)? Can the CPI heighten and extend creative problem-solving in children and adolescents? Do the roles of creative thought and expression change according to the CPI setting (classrooms, extra-curricular programming, community initiatives, etc.)? Are aesthetic, corporeal and emotional experiences important in a CPI? What is the role of the facilitator’s creativity in the CPI (from creating stories and stimulus materials to creating dialogic space to creating new approaches to P4wC, etc.)? Could creativity harm or hinder a CPI practice?

Proposals must also be related to one or more of the conference contexts. More specifically, they should address topics like creativity, creative thinking, creative agency or creative problem-solving in the contexts of...

… Early years education

… Childhood

… Adolescence

… Adulthood

… Senior citizens

… Marginalized populations

… Innovative classroom models

… Innovative extra-curricular models

… Innovative training and coaching models

… Community-driven initiatives

… Citizenship and social justice initiatives

… Arts and culture practices

… STEM practices

… Health and wellness practices

… Activism and human rights practices

… Peace education and violence prevention

… Social entrepreneurship and sustainable business


Types of sessions

The Ideation conference include three session types:

  1. Research presentations on theoretical or empirical research findings relating to the conference theme and contexts. Each presentation will last 20 minutes and be followed by a 10-minute question-and-answer period facilitated by a conference chair.
  2. Workshop presentations on philosophical practices or pedagogical approaches relating to the conference theme and contexts. Each workshop will last 60 minutes and include an interactive activity as well as a question-and-answer period facilitated by a conference chair. 
  3. Poster presentations on P4wC projects relating to the conference theme and contexts. Posters will be displayed throughout the conference and presented as part of the exhibition portion of the conference.

PRESENTING REMOTELY: If you would like to present your research but are unable to attend the conference in person, you may submit a proposal for a research presentation. If selected, you will be invited to produce: 1) a 20-minute video to submit prior to the conference that will be made available online to participants; 2) a two-minute overview video that will be played during the poster exhibition.

GUIDE: Choosing a presentation type

  • If you are involved in theoretical or empirical (qualitative or quantitative) research as an academic, graduate student or independent researcher, and would like to present your findings in connection to the conference theme, you should submit a proposal for a research presentation.
  • If you are a practitioner or educator who is using or designing a philosophical or pedagogical approach in connection to the conference theme and would like to run a demonstration with participants, you should submit a proposal for a workshop presentation.
  • If you are a teacher, student or youth worker involved in P4wC practices and would like to share a visual overview of a project in connection to the conference theme, you should submit a proposal for a poster presentation.


Submissions and selection process

The deadline for proposal submissions is December 9, 2019 at midnight. Proposals must be made through the online form—only fully completed forms will be reviewed. The Ideation conference seeks to be diverse and inclusive, and thus encourages submissions from a wide variety of sources and backgrounds.

*Though the official deadline has passed, proposals will be accepted until December 16, 2019.

Online form to submit a proposal

Applicants will receive notification regarding their submission in early February, 2020. If your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to confirm your conference attendance within a week of receiving your letter of acceptance. If you would like your research contribution to be considered for the edited volume, you must send the full version of your paper (between 5,000-6,000 words) no later than mid-April, 2020. Instructions for paper submissions will be sent after participants confirm their attendance at the conference.

All questions pertaining to the conference and call for proposals should be sent to: